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Welcome to Truly Unique Website Design! We offer cheap custom website design, plus cheap professional SEO for most any type of website, large or small. We are a family-run website design company based in L. A. and specializing in providing inexpensive, highly customized, flexible web design that sets your business apart. Unlike many web developers our custom websites make it possible for your website to grow with your business. We work both locally in the Los Angeles, CA area and nationally.

Further, we actually offer very low cost, expert SEO. We used to be touchy about words like budget and cheap! Now, however, we have learned to embrace these words. We believe it is just this simple: in today's economy most businesses really need a custom designed, unique website to get people's attention with good effective SEO to help them compete successfully on the internet.

So, if you are looking for a professional, attention grabbing website at an affordable price, just click on the request a quote button above to contact us directly or simply give us a call. You can also click on the view portfolio button above to see other sites we have built.

We think you'll find the right price for whatever site you're seeking from us; whether it is a very simple three or four page site, a robust database-driven CMS or e-commerce site, even a powerful corporate or member-driven website. We offer exactly what you need at a great low price. So, get your Truly Unique, very economical, custom website today! And don't forget to add some inexpensive SEO!

Look around on the site, check out our standards and prices, then give us a call at (805) 910-5411 or drop us an email at

Cheap Local Website Design and SEO in L. A. or in S. CA

Los Angeles based web design and SEO provider, Truly Unique Web Design offers inexpensive search engine optimization plus expert web design in Los Angeles and regionally throughout Southern CA, as well as nationally. Once you have worked on SEO nationally for hundreds of clients, it becomes way less challenging to focus regionally or even in very small locals. Similarly, once you have learned to do professional SEO quite inexpensively on the national stage, it can be done locally even more economically.

Don't misunderstand; however, you won't very often actually see inexpensive, local SEO offered online. It is definitely not easy to find in or around Los Angeles. Especially in a region the size of L. A. most SEO providers realize there are thousands of potential daily website searches for popular products or services and make the case that knowing the distinctions inherent in local search engine optimization, as opposed to nationwide SEO, allows them to be able to charge as if they were providing it nationally. Here at Truly Unique Web Design, however, we offer our local or regional SEO for about half the cost of providing it nationally.

Clearly, if you have a local product that does not lend itself to national sales or shipping or if you provide a local service to a limited area, it makes no sense to advertise it nationally. Since the search engines now even regionalize searches, L A search engine optimization is now more practical than ever. But, if you would rather pay less for local SEO than for a national program it would be wise to remember Truly Unique.

At we offer cheap websites and SEO of exceptional quality. Our local SEO program at $199/mo. is good solid all white hat SEO that really works. It will give you amazingly strong ROI if you simply have a product that sells! Further, all of our unique custom website design can be added to, as your business expands or as you need additional functions for your website without significant additional cost! Our CMS functionality is also superior in design and much easier to use than most.

Custom Website Design Plus Cheap SEO

At Truly Unique Website Design we provide both inexpensive and distinctive web design and very low cost SEO. Both are different propositions today than they were just a very few years ago. Today, for instance, great looking, very cheap template websites can be built in moments, very inexpensively and serve as an initial web presence for a cash poor small business.

Template sites, however, often hamper SEO work and make normally expensive SEO progress even more difficult and costly than usual. Further, most all template sites eventually fail the growing business, usually at a critical time, during the expansion of the business. Therefore, at Truly Unique Website Design we advise starting with a cheap custom website which can grow with your business. Then, we suggest, negotiating some effective budget SEO into the price of the web design.

Over the last few years template sites have replaced custom designed websites in many cases as the initial web representation of small businesses across the country and around the globe. They are certainly a temptation hard to resist. For many small business owners custom website design seems too expensive and any thought of initial search engine optimization added to the cost of a unique website appears completely out of reach.

Many business owners begin by looking for our highly recommended custom built website but cannot find it reasonably so they opt for a template, unaware they are "painting themselves into a corner for the future." Other business owners, determined to have the exact custom site they want and need, surrender their entire web budget on a costly web presence that few people will ever see because they have no money left for proper SEO.

Here at Truly Unique we offer both cheap and custom website design and include initial professional SEO in the bargain. We even deep discount our web design and our ongoing SEO by an additional 25% if you simply order both at the same time! So you pay one price for your website and the beginning SEO, then you get 25% off that already low price plus your ongoing SEO, simply by ordering both at the same time.

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