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Actor members! Imagine being randomly picked by our computer to be paid SAG Union rates at a Los Angeles 10 minute demo shoot. You will be flown to LA and paid a per diem plus non union production day rate.

Writer members! Send in your film or television script and if your script is voted by the members as the one to produce, then you will be present at the 10 minute demo shoot and will have substantial input in how the shoot is directed. You, too will be flown to LA and paid a per diem.

Crew members! You will be randomly picked from the membership by our computer and will be paid a per diem and according to IATSE rates for a non union production. We will fly you to LA at our expense.

Within the First Year We Will Be Upgrading One 10 Minute Demo into a full length Film Production or Television Pilot as Selected by the Members

Once we have 10 demos completed, the global membership will then vote on which Demo will be made into a full length production. This will be paid for by Above and Below the Line.

Further, above and below the line will be offering some of the best prices in the industry on important creative services for Members Only. Demo reels, websites, Photography, professional training and make up services and more, at values you won’t believe for members only!

Join today! $5 per month or $25 for a one time 12 month payment.

$25/year $5/mo
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