Truly Unique is a full-service web solution. We specialise in interface design, working with clients to define specific goals, then develop systems to surpass them.
Take a creative approach to cut down on down time. Our web systems automate mundane tasks, manage content remotely, secure sales, and soon you will have no idea how you lived without them.

Custom Website Design

Welcome to Truly Unique Website Design! Home of the Cheap Website Cheap SEO Package Deal. We are a family-run website design company specializing in providing inexpensive, highly customized, flexible web design, or what might more simply be called a cheap custom website. Further, we offer cheap SEO. We used to be touchy about the words cheap website and cheap SEO, well specifically we were touchy about the word cheap! Now, however, we have now learned to embrace that word! It is this simple: in today's economy you really need a cheap website with good cheap SEO to stay in business or to grow market share for your existing business!

If you are looking for a professional, custom website at an affordable price, just click on cheap website, here, or go to our Web Design Pricing page, here, you'll get a quick rundown of our typical price ranges. You can also click the Instant Quote button above to get an immediate price estimate based on the sort of features you expect your site to have, if you know just a little bit about how websites are built and the kind of website you want.

We think you'll find the right price for whatever site you're looking for; from a very simple site, a robust database-driven CMS or e-commerce site, to a powerful corporate or member-driven website, we offer exactly what you need at a great, dare we say it? Yes, you guessed it, CHEAP price. Get your Truly Unique cheap website today! And don't forget cheap SEO!

Once we have built your cheap website, or even if you already have one, even if you have an expensive website, from some expensive web designer, take a look at our SEO packages. We offer powerful but cheap SEO options that have proven highly successful in getting websites onto page 1 of Google, Yahoo, and MSN in a very short time. Cheap SEO is a valuable investment in your cheap website's success; it means more clicks, more leads, and at the end of the day, more income from your site. Don't wait! Every month you delay is one more month you could have been found on Google! Get your cheap website and cheap SEO package now!

So look around on the site, check out our standards and prices, then give us a call at (310) 433-2136 or drop us an email at

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