Your Custom Layout Logo and Banner PayPal/Credit Cards Content Management Automatic Image Resizing On Site SEO
We design your website with an eye for aesthetic appeal and intuitive navigation, to attract your customers' attention and then guide them where they need to go.
We create a custom logo and banner for your website to begin the branding process. These graphics can also be used on other business media.
We set up a PayPal shopping cart for e-commerce functionality and credit card processing. The shopping cart will be integrated into the product admin, if any.
We create an admin system that you can use to add, edit, and delete products, articles, pictures, even a simple blog. Up to three areas of admin functionality are included (so a products list, article section, and blog, for example). Additional admin features cost $150 each.

Member Functionality Upgrade: Add member sign up, login, and admin for just $300, plus $100 per admin function upgraded to member usage.
Any admin areas that include images (such as product pictures) will automatically resize the images in up to three sizes; a small thumbnail size, a medium size for general viewing, and a large full-size image.
We optimize important tags and make sure your admin system is designed to incorporate SEO-friendly code.

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