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The Custom Web Design and Cheap SEO Package

You would really like to find an affordable, custom web design package for your business. But what good is that without some cheap SEO? You know that the simple fact is, these days, if you are trying to take your business seriously, you need a website. You really want a unique, affordable, custom web design created specifically for your small business. But what good is a great website if no one goes there? You need SEO too. Not just inexpensive SEO. You need Cheap SEO.

Of course, today, small business owners already have plenty of expenses, so here at Truly Unique Web Design we have found that the key to a great small business website lies in choosing the right features for your site and combining them into an affordable, but somewhat flexible package. Of course, most everyone would like a $10,000 website with all the Flash and fanfare that such a site entails, but when you're shopping for an affordable custom web design, the priority tends to be more about getting what it is you actually need, for a price you can actually afford. Plus you have to budget cheap SEO into the deal, as well.

That's why, in addition to our low rates on a variety of affordable custom web design, graphic design, and full CMS type websites, we also offer cheap SEO services, we have even come up with the $500 Custom Web Design Package. Through our extensive experience building a variety of custom web designs, we've identified a few oft-requested features, and obtained sufficient proficiency in creating and customizing them that we can offer a full, custom web design package for only $500. A Truly Unique, truly unique and affordable, custom small business website for $500? Yes and not only that, we can have your website set up and ready for your review in less than a week. How much for cheap SEO? In local only markets or where you have niche products without highly competed keywords, our cheap SEO package is only $149/mo. Sites with more competition need our more aggressive but still cheap SEO package at $299/mo.

What does the $500 Custom Web Design Package include? We begin by creating a custom layout to display your information, products, pictures, or whatever else you will be showing on your site. We also create a logo (if you don't already have one) and a banner to add some extra visual appeal and branding to the site. From there, we create a robust admin system where you can manage several different areas of your site yourself. No coding knowledge is necessary. For example, your custom web design could include an area to manage your products, another to maintain a photo gallery, and a third to post to a blog. A self maintained blog can be very cheap SEO!

The admin system is designed with some special features as well. Any area of your site that includes image posting (such as a photo gallery or product pictures) will automatically resize the image in up to three sizes; a thumbnail size for browsing, a "view size" for general viewing, and a large size version to include the details. You can choose the image sizes; we find that 150, 500, and 1,500 pixels tend to work well for most sites we've built. Additionally, the custom web design includes PayPal shopping cart integration within that same low price. Plus all onsite SEO is built in to any Truly Unique Web Design before you even order your Cheap SEO.

The $500 Custom Web Design Package is finished with expert initial on-site optimization, providing a firm foundation for the future Cheap SEO which follows, if you would like to see yourself at the top of Google for a change. We will have all the coding and design work complete within a week, so that you can review the site and we can make any changes and tweaks required. Thereafter, we remain available to answer any questions and provide any assistance and information that we can. As your $500 Custom Web Design Package is custom made and fully expandable we also offer our usual low rates for expanding your website in the future. In fact, if you have always wanted that magic $10,000 dollar website, we sell those for about $5,000, unless you want to pay the $10,000 just for bragging rights! And did we mention we have Cheap SEO too?

A custom web design is an important investment in today's business world. It just doesn't have to be expensive. Getting one of the very most important things to get your business started, at a price that a starting business can afford, is one of the key priorities when building a new business. We are eager to let the $500 Custom Web Design Package, or one of our other affordable custom web design or cheap SEO packages, get your business on the web and growing.

Custom Web Design, Truly Unique, Original, Custom Web Design Is the Only Way to Go

Almost daily now we see the request for web work posted from someone who bought a "template builder" website program and finally understands that they can not build the website they want using this batch of mismatched, cut and paste, generic files that might allow them to create something that appears to be a website but invariably lacks cohesion, navigation and direction and severely limits creativity.

A good professional web designer will build you a custom website, unique and original in design, which includes proper navigation, onsite optimization, a coherent marketing message and multiple options for expansion into whatever direction your business takes you, without constraining web possibilities at all. Custom web design, in fact, if you shop around a bit, you may find, answers more questions than it creates. A true custom web designer will be happy to assist and advise you as to future expansion and willing to help you prioritize these types of decisions as it is in his best interest in building repeat business.

In the end, custom web design is not that much more expensive, again assuming you shop around a bit. Why begin the exciting journey toward internet marketing success looking backwards from the rumble seat of a horse and buggy template site, when the gasoline and electric powered hybrid hovercraft called custom web design is about the same price but you can find fuel anywhere along the way instead of always having to return to the barn every night for hay.

So do yourself a huge favor. Go for the custom web design from the beginning. You will be so glad you did rather than finding yourself stumbling along wishing you had. Custom web design makes your site able to grow in any direction. Custom web design is dynamic in a way that opens marketing and optimization possibilities, e-commerce options and facilitates creating happy clients who become repeat visitors and shoppers on your website. So, in the end, custom web design is the only way to go.