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Cheap Website Pricing

Basic Rates

At Truly Unique, we provide cheap website design and cheap SEO services without compromising flexibility and quality. We use an hourly system with discounted rates as the total number of hours increases. To help minimize your costs, we also have developed a custom CMS to let you update your site's content yourself, which we can add for the cost of five hours.

Total Hours Hourly Rate Quote Range You Save
1-9 $40 $40-$350 N/A
10-24 $35 $350-$750 $50-$120
25-40 $30 $750-$1,250 $250-$490
50-149 $25 $1,250-$3,000 $750-$2,235
150+ $20 $3,000+ $3,000+

How long do sites usually take?
Do I get a quote for my project?
When do I make payments?
What happens if my project takes more or less time than you estimate?
Do I still get a discount if I buy smaller groups of hours over time?
Do the discounts stack for both web and media work?

Cheap SEO Pricing

Our SEO services cost $299 per month, and include on-site optimization, article writing and submitting to various article directories for backlinks, writing and submitting press releases, directory submissions, and keyword research. For each additional $100 per month, we add any one of the following services:

Special Offers

The Cheap Website Cheap SEO Package

Most small businesses are going to need both website design and SEO to really get their website going, and this package is designed to make that easy. Purchase at least 10 hours of website design and commit to at least three months of SEO, and we will throw in our CMS and automated backlink builder at no additional cost!

Full Service Packages

If you know you have a lot of work to do, especially if you expect to need both significant website functionality and graphic or media design, and want it done at top speed, we offer our Full Service Package. These packages cover a full week or a full month of unlimited work. A one-week Full Service Package costs $1,500. A one-month package costs $5,000.

What exactly do you mean by unlimited work?
Is this package any better than your normal rates?
How much can this package save me?
When exactly does the package end?
What if I want more done after the package ends?
What if you are busy with other clients that week or month?

Obviously, we cannot provide this level of service to multiple clients simultaneously.

First Come, ONLY Served!

Prepaid Discount

Normally, we ask for two-thirds the total cost of hours purchased up-front, with the other third upon your full satisfied completion with the project. If you wish, however, you can instead prepay for hours entirely up-front for a 10% discount.

Commission Discount

We are happy to subsidize the cost of website design and SEO in exchange for a commission on web sales. For each 10% commission offered, we will either increase your discount on hours by one step (taking off $2.00/hour per step past the 150 hour mark) or apply one of the $100/month improvements to an SEO package free.

Referral Bonus

We also offer a service bonus to anyone who refers new clients to us. For every five hours the referred client purchases, we will credit your account with one hour of work. We also credit two hours for each month of SEO a referred client purchases, or five hours per week of a Full Service Package purchased.

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