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Professional SEO Results with Inexpensive Prices

At Truly Unique, we provide professional SEO services at inexpensive rates. We work both on-page and off to maximize your search engine ranking. Our affordable SEO services include the following features:

Keyword Research: In many ways, cheap SEO is about picking your battles and focusing on steady growth. Using our professional research techniques we begin all campaigns by thoroughly researching the keywords that not only suit your business, but also have good ratios of incoming searches to competition. Typically, we focus on a single strong keyword and several supplemental ones in the beginning. Then, as we increase your ranking in the search engines for the initial terms selected, we review our research, see which more highly competed keywords offer the next steps up, and choose a new more highly searched focus to further expand your list of ranking keywords.

Text and Tag Optimization: We review all text on your website, check your meta data, tag structure, even file names, and update as necessary to make them easier to crawl and better optimized so the search engines know exactly which keywords should be leading people to your website. This also includes adding the ability for others to like or share your site on major social networks.

Content Creation: Your cheap SEO package still provides new custom content for your site. Generally, this means an article or two for press releases, article submission, newly written on-site content, such as descriptive pages, blog posts, or expanded product descriptions. This process allows more static sites to stay fresh, with constant new useful content arriving quite regularly. Your site will grow and develop, continually. While sites that add new content regularly can receive a stream of article submissions and or press releases for more high-quality inbound links.

Content Review: To ensure your own efforts contribute as much as possible to your site's improvement, we review any content you write for your site or for posting throughout the internet to link back to you. This service is included with your SEO program. Just send it our way and we'll give it a full proofreading as well as examine it with an eye for keywords and optimization.

Analytics and Reporting: To ensure the optimization is doing its job, we maintain a continual analysis of your site's performance and progress. We continually adjust our efforts as we study keyword performance. We not only study Google analytics results, we also provide monthly reporting of what we've done and how the site has responded.

Custom Website Design: All cheap SEO clients can also request up to five hours per month of custom website design, to add new features to their site, change the site around, and make other updates.

Affordable SEO: Our inexpensive SEO package is designed to be very affordable at only $399 per month! Other SEO programs charge more than our full price for link building alone. Further, our local search engine optimization is offered for half the cost of our national program.

  • National SEO: $399/mo.
  • National SEO w/ Website: $299/mo.
  • Local SEO: $199/mo.
  • Local SEO w/ Website: $149/mo.

Inexpensive Search Engine Optimization Is Hard to Find

Many people would say inexpensive search engine optimization is difficult to find and may indeed no longer exist. Other people would call the term cheap SEO a misnomer but say some affordable SEO is perhaps available, but, only if you learn to do it yourself. Here at Truly Unique Web Design, we still charge only $299/mo. for our inexpensive SEO package if you purchase it in conjunction with a web design package and we discount your web design by 25% at the same time. Look around the internet folks. We think you will find that $299 search engine optimization that actually works is downright cheap.

Cheap search engine optimization is alive and well (and well done) at Truly Unique Web Design. We have also mastered the art of cheap custom web design. So being able to provide both services inexpensively to begin with, we wondered how many people out there would take advantage of a special joint additional discount on both services. So boost your own economy! Call us today and get the website you want and the searches you need to succeed on the internet and supplement your business' income online.

Interestingly, there is about as much writing to be found on the internet proclaiming the lack of availability of Inexpensive SEO as there is promoting the existence of it. Why do we find so many people warning that inexpensive search engine optimization does not exist? Obviously, because so many other people are looking for it and believe it might be out there. Further, because so many of the people denying the availability of any kind of affordable SEO are the ones promoting expensive and often very expensive SEO programs and thus find it in their best interest to warn people not to look for the less expensive kind.

One final comment about our Cheap Custom Website Design and SEO offer is necessary here. Because there is so much verbiage on the internet telling people not to even bother looking for reasonable prices, many people reading this will tend to discount it. They will be cynical and tend to disbelieve even the possibility of finding a really good price for professional SEO. This also can work to the advantage of the people willing to accept the possibility of finding reasonably priced SEO, and that could be you! Give us a call. We will deliver as promised. As always, seeing is believing!

Professional SEO Consultant Offering Cheap SEO Articles

Not every Professional SEO consultant would even consider trying to write his own SEO articles. Many SEO consultants stay very busy just doing other tasks for their SEO and defer the article writing to others. Here at Truly Unique Web Design we not only write our own SEO articles, we even offer cheap SEO articles outside our SEO program entirely. Even if you would just like to have a few very inexpensive SEO articles to bolster your existing website's SEO, just call us here at Truly Unique. We will examine your site and give you an article worthy of your product offerings.

Especially if you would like some really inexpensive SEO service for your website, our SEO program includes lots of SEO articles written specifically for your site included within the program. These articles are posted as e-zine articles on top article websites, web forums and as press releases sites or as general information on blogs and other internet venues. They produce important backlinks to your website's keywords and are major reasons your website might appear higher on a search for your best keywords.

We are a family of writers here at Truly Unique and we believe in what we write. We were wearing white hats doing SEO before white hats were even cool. Weather you choose us for your national SEO program or to do a few short articles or blog posts, you can count on professional SEO techniques with superior writing skills. Creativity in writing for the internet in general is sadly lacking. Creativity, however, is a major factor in making your web content stick out from the crowd. It is part of the uniqueness we offer in every web design we create.

"Build it and they will come," may indeed have worked for the first few websites that got built in any certain Internet category. They even got to select the very best, most descriptive domains available in their category as the first businesses there. So, what about the hundreds of businesses that come later? What about your website? That is where creativity and custom web design and SEO come in. New businesses that wish to compete for position on the search engines need expert, cheap, but still professional SEO in order to get found. If you are reading this you are here now. Give us a call.

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