One Month of Unlimited Web and Graphic Design, Plus SEO

At Truly Unique Website Design, we're looking for someone with big plans for their site, someone who is ready to take an existing site to the level after next or who has a big idea for a new site that they want to leap right in with. This is not an offer for those who want a simple shopping cart or basic blog, or for people who expect to compete with some of the biggest sites on the net on a budget of $500. This is for serious entrepreneurs and businesses looking for a serious website - but also, for a serious deal.

So here it is, the Truly Unqiue One Month Unlimited Package. The package includes one full month of website design, graphic design, and SEO work as our top priority site. In other words, you have unlimited access to the full skills of three web professionals to get your website done exactly the way you want. This package includes all of the following for a full month:

You get all of the above for a flat rate of $5,000 - if you take full advantage of this opportunity, you could easily get $7,500, $10,000, or more worth of website design and graphic design work by the end of the month! Several financing options are available.

Obviously, we cannot provide this level of service to multiple people at a time, so if you are interested or just want to learn more, call Gene now at (310) 433-2136 or email us at

First Come, ONLY Served!