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Truly Unique offers custom website design services at an affordable price. We handle the graphics, code, and any specialized functionality you need! Our website design services include the following:

Layout Creation: We create a professional layout for your site. Whether you're looking for clean and simple or flash and fanfare, we can create an attractive, intuitive layout to showcase your information, products, or services. We can also take your designs and transfer them to the web.

Flexible Code: We can work with all forms of coding formats, from hand-written html and css to open-source solutions like Wordpress and Joomla. In all cases, you can always get a custom website; we are proficient at integrating our own code with that of third parties to ensure they do exactly what you want them to.

Custom Functionality: We love working on the sites that require more elaborate custom work! When you are looking to develop elaborate web-based technology, online programs, even javascript-driven apps, we have the experience and creativity necessary to turn your idea into a fully-functional program. Likewise, when your website needs advanced administrative options, unique interactive tools, or custom data tracking software, we can build it to your specifications and expand it as needed - and sometimes even chime in with a good idea or two ourselves!

Expansions and Upgrades: Especially when looking for cheap website design, it's common to have more vision than you are ready to build at the start. We design our sites with an eye towards modularity and future expansion, so that as your business grows, your website can grow with it.

Cheap Website Design: We provide a personalized quote for each project, and are open to flexible payment options; flat fees per project, hourly rates, breaking larger projects down into milestones, and so on. Most business websites run in the range of five-hundred to a thousand dollars, but can start as a half priced "starter site."

Help and Support: And of course, we're on call to answer questions, make changes, provide updates, give advice, and even toss a few ideas into the mix every step of the way! You're always dealing with the very people working on your website, the ones best equipped to answer questions and make changes - often right there on the phone as you call!

A Cheap Enough Custom Website May Save You Enough Money to Buy Cheap SEO Too!

Cheap websites are rarely your primary goal when developing your web presence. Ultimately, of course, your major goal is to sell your product, but to treat your website as just an online store or advertisement is short sighted indeed. Very low cost web designs are most often a way of juggling the overall costs associated with full product marketing. Remember also that a template site simply will not likely work for you long term!

In no event should you sacrifice building a custom website and start with a template site. A template site always eventually puts you in a box. Cheap custom websites are built by limiting initial web functionality in favor of adding other necessities such as SEO in the beginning so your web presence can be found. Building a cheap website from a template is simply painting yourself into a corner on purpose. You should find a web designer willing to get you on the internet and then continue to build your site over time without heavily penalizing you by raising the price.

Remember, no matter how your site begins, it always includes sales functions, your keywords for positioning on Google, even, in many cases, your payment processing or possibly a video to support your sales presentation. These are things you should be able to add over time, if necessary. These should all be looked upon both individually and as a whole. One function should appear to seamlessly flow into the next even if it is being added after the site has been up for some time.

With skillful SEO tactics and cunning keyword selection, you can then forge your way into greater visibility in the top few sites on the search engines and your website will begin rewarding you. In many cases even if you have all of the money you need to build the custom website you want, you are better off not to go too fast. Businesses evolve. You may think you know how your business will grow but find it expanding in a completely different direction than you expected. Our advice is to give your business enough rope to let it evolve in whatever direction it takes you. Inexpensive custom websites bolstered by expert SEO allow for modifications along the way that happen with no real negative impact to the growth of the business.

These days you can get an affordable website design for under a thousand dollars, and if it includes powerful programming, custom graphic design, even some e-commerce and full onsite SEO, it can be quite a value indeed! If you are on a tight budget, you must look harder and search further to find the right web designer.

First thing, always select a web designer who will do a unique custom website and offer initial site SEO while building the site. One person's cheap website may be another person's expensive site, but you must adjust your expectations to the amount of money you can spend and then pick a web designer willing to build your site expertly for the least amount of money possible! Make sure you can communicate with him. Now work with him to build the site. If he can also include basic SEO you are in grave danger of having a successful, profitable site!

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