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How are your printing prices so low?
I have worked with a local top quality bulk printing service for years. By providing him camera ready files, I get his very best prices and pass them on to you.
How can I get additional savings?
Large orders always mean big savings, and I will create custom packages that fit your business and budget. Also, members recieve coupons and enjoy lower starting prices.
Who owns the rights to the finished artwork?
Although I like to reserve the option of adding any artwork to my portfolio, you own all rights to any artwork I produce for you.
What is your average turn around time?
While many projects can be designed and approved same day if necessary, printing time is three to four business days. Project turn around is normally within one week.
Are there other services I need that you offer?
Probably. My partners and I offer full service business marketing, including graphics, printing, photography, web design, SEO, flash, video, and lately 3d artwork.
Do you offer any free services?
Yes. I offer free consultations, free minor revisions on projects, free file conversions, free membership, and even free graphics for my most loyal clients.
Do you charge an arm and a leg for revisions?
No, the first significant revision is free of charge and others are at 5% of the project cost. Many revisions are free on larger projects.
I have more questions.
No problem. Just call Devon at 818.522.7252, or send an E-mail to: devon@graphicsartistgraphicsdesigner.com.