Affordable SEO Packages Affordable SEO packages are almost always relative to the individual situation of the website owner. The cost of a package may seem inexpensive based on the potential earnings available to the site owner, if, and when, they deliver enough clicks to the site. They may still be very difficult to fit into your SEO budget, especially if your SEO budget was thought to be what was left after the website budget was exhausted. So, justifying overspending on your SEO budget to finally fully optimize your website can be logical only if your thorough evaluation of the likelihood of success directs you to proceed with the process. Important Factors to Consider regarding Affordable SEO Packages There are numerous important elements crucial to any evaluation to determine the potential clicks which can be provided by good SEO and whether they are cost effective for your site. Prioritize all of these before spending any money on SEO and your chances of earning more money from your site will expand exponentially! Especially if you are going to be assisting in any way in the SEO process, but even if you are simply making the decision on who to hire for your SEO campaign, the following items are all key to your success. One of the most important things to consider is your own ability to evaluate the progress you are making on your Search Engine Optimization. Begin by learning all you can about SEO. Read up on current SEO trends, read Moz, study enough about SEO to be able to at least understand the basics of how it works so that you can evaluate your progress at optimization for yourself. Failing to do an adequate job on this step can put you at the mercy of scam artists and SEO wannabees! Now consider: can you afford to aggressively optimize? Deciding to spend additional money optimizing your website should be a function of both your ability to spend the additional funds and your evaluation of your likelihood of obtaining the number of clicks you think can be obtained from the site once well optimized and the amount of revenue likely from those clicks. If you are borrowing the money you are using to optimize the site, you may need to be very conservative as to the amount you spend, even if you are very sure of the likelihood of success. If funds are readily available and success seems likely, there may be much less need to procrastinate but still significant reason to moderate. Let’s assume you decide to proceed, but with some moderation. Next, become aware of the process for selecting keywords. Working with your SEO provider, research the number of clicks available regularly from the keywords you are trying to optimize. You may wish to select a couple easy keywords, several moderately difficult terms and at least a couple quite difficult terms. Generally, the degree of difficulty in obtaining clicks for the keyword will be determined by the number of times it appears in the search engines monthly relative to the way it is optimized on your site. Your revenue from individual keywords are also influenced by the keyword’s value in relation to the product or service for which you optimize. Try to Determine Your Best and Worst Case SEO Results Now, try to estimate how much revenue moderate success with the keywords you have chosen might bring to your website. If you have some track record from your site that tells you the average number of clicks you need to get a sale, then it is simple math to get a somewhat accurate projection of the revenue which could be derived from receiving 2% or 10% or 20% of the available clicks from a given keyword. If there is no verifiable track record, at least try to get a best case, worst case idea of what your ROI might be based on the upper and lower range of results available from your keywords. So, let’s say the numbers look very positive! If you are quite confident in obtaining substantial payback from your affordable Search Engine Optimization package, based on your projections, there are still several important, fairly major, decisions. You really need to be sure the SEO provider you are hiring has a track record of having delivered the promised number of clicks for multiple other site owners or is in some way guaranteeing you results with your SEO or you can’t be sure you are making the right decision in hiring this SEO. If a strong track record is not demonstrable, predicating payment terms upon successful delivery of the number of keyword searches in question can protect the web owner while still rewarding the SEO provider upon successful SEO results. For our purposes here let’s assume the SEO has been able to show you some demonstrable success. Let’s also assume you have agreed with your SEO provider that 50% of his SEO payments will be paid only when a prearranged number of clicks are hitting the site monthly. If this number of monthly clicks does not happen within 120 days of his initial optimization no further payments will be due. A Couple Final Thoughts as You Begin the SEO Process Only one final thing needs to be kept in mind once you have decided to move forward with your affordable SEO package. Change is inevitable. Further, regarding website optimization, and especially for Google, change is profitable. The current algorithm will change. The spiders crawling your site tirelessly will want to see general improvement to the site on a regular basis. They will also want to see the latest tweaks to the algorithm recognized and changes to the site happening in accordance with these SEO adjustments over time. To say it more clearly Mr. Siteowner, you are not finished with your SEO. The additional profits from those new clicks that are happening are quite wonderful, just don’t forget to set aside more SEO dollars to keep those clicks coming. Okay, we have exhausted virtually every concern relative to affordable SEO packages! There is just one final thought that might be worth mentioning here. Don’t let yourself be caught in a trap of your own making. Review your site for errors and omissions prior to investing money in SEO. A very good SEO professional may alert you to changes necessary to the site before even starting the SEO process. However, this issue must be addressed either by the SEO, you or your web designer or your full investment in SEO is at risk. Also, unless you have done a good job of optimizing your site for mobile use, you may still not be rewarded as planned for your SEO efforts! Sites today need to consider how they show up on mobile devices or they can be penalized by the search engines. In this regard check out the “mobile friendly test API” introduced in January on the Google webmaster blog: Happy optimizing!