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About Scrolling Badge

We are factory-authorized distributors of quality LED scrolling badges. A self-contained LED personal message system with variable scroll speeds, our badges command INSTANT ATTENTION. Committed to Quality - Committed to YOU!

We are now in our fifth year, with over 50,000 sold!

Messages are loaded into the LED name badge via the on-board buttons, enabling the stored information to be changed quickly and easily. We offer the highest quality, easiest-to-use scrolling message badges at the lowest price! These versatile badges can be an id badge, name badge, message badge, and more!

Program your own custom LED message anytime! No limit to the number of times you can change your message. No PC, cables or software required. Features 50 character messages. Badge attaches with a magnetic clip, no damage to garments!

The quality of an LED Scrolling Badge is not measured by the price, number of messages or characters it holds. It is measured by the quality, brightness, reliability & the ease of operation. A 7 x 21 dot matrix contains 147 smaller LED lights. Our 5 x 28 dot matrix badge contains 140 LARGER LED lights, thereby making it noticably brighter & easier to read, by displaying 6 super bright characters on the screen!

Name Badge
Name Badge with Logo
Scrolling Badge
The Original Scrolling Badge
ID Badge
ID Badge with Business Card

Features and Benefits

Attract instant attention at your next event, meeting, trade show, party, or convention, or just use your imagination! Don't use the same old name badge or id badge! Get the original led scrolling badge! Wear it to advertise your business, product, service, website, idea or just give as a gift! Perfect for trade shows, bank tellers, cashiers, teachers, real estate, restaurants, bars, clubs, birthdays, conferences, workshops, or vendors!

All Scrolling Badges Are Not The Same!

Beware of cheap imitations - Worthless, Absolutely Worthless!

If you purchase LED name badges from similar looking web sites, with look alike packaging or sound alike names, you are NOT purchasing the ORIGINAL SCROLLING BADGE. We have proudly featured this product for more than four years! Ask the competitors who try to fool you, how long they have been distributing their product or the name of the factory they claim to be authorized to distribute for!

We are the ORIGINAL SCROLLING BADGE! Our id badge is BRIGHTER than the competetion. Our name badge displays more characters on the screen. Our strong magnets are built into the scrolling badge. Our product is manufactured to our high quality standards and are the easiest for anyone to use!

Beware of cheap imitations. BUY THE ORIGINAL - BUY THE BEST!

What You Should Know about LED Scrolling Badges

Not all LED Scrolling Badges are the same! For instance, some badges are available in several different colors. Blue badges use battery power twice as fast as red. White badges uses batteries twice as fast as blue. In all LED Scrolling Badges the brighter the color, the faster they use up the batteries. Our red is super bright and always the easiest to read.

LED Scrolling Badges from some manufacturers hold longer messages or may contain multiple messages. Some of our competition tout this as a significant advantage for their product. The problem is that upon actual use, the longer the message, the harder it is to read them and too much is just as bad as too little. Most people will not read long text based messages or find that they do not know what they read after trying to read them.

Some other LED name badges require you to master numerous steps just to switch from message to message. Some LED Scrolling Badges even require the use of a computer to program your message. The problem with these badges is the fact you must have access to a computer, your software and your cables, just to program a new or different message. This could prove to be an obstacle if you are away from your home or computer. If you arrive at a show and realize you forgot to preprogram your LED Scrolling Badges, you have a problem. With our badges these and other problems are non-existent. Our product is self contained. Our LED display is red for optimum battery life, the message is up to 50 characters. You can say a lot but not too much. Beware of ads such as "deluxe", "new & improved", "most advanced". All LED Scrolling Badges do the same thing: SCROLL YOUR MESSAGE!, however there is a BIG difference in the quality, ease of operation and the life of the product from one manufacturer to another. You can buy cheaper badges that probably won't last, but you can't buy a more dependable, longer lasting, higher quality product than our LED Scrolling Badge! This is an important factor to consider if you are purchasing for RESALE! No retailer wants unhappy customers returning their defective badges. If you care about the products that you buy or sell, then you should note that our badges are manufactured to our own high quality standards and designed for easy use. If you are looking for low quality, very low priced badges, then our product is not for you!

Some scrolling badges fasten by pin, leaving holes in your favorite garments. Ours fasten by using a strong magnet built into the back of the badge. People who have pacemakers or are sensitve to magnets should avoid this type, but otherwise they are the easiest and best to use.

Finally, make sure the LED Scrolling Badges you purchase have adjustable scrolling speeds so you can adjust your message to scroll faster or slower.

When considering the purchase of an LED Scrolling Badge, look especially for the following:

If you follow these simple suggestions, you shouldn't have any problems, especially if you remember our website

Always stay with a badge that is dependable and easy to use and guaranteed - just like ours!

The Original,

Our Scrolling LED Badges Are Now Also Scrolling ID Badges

If you've had problems with other badges purchased from other distributors, remember, not all LED Scrolling Badges are the same!

Our Scrolling LED Badges are now better scrolling ID badges than ever before! It is a very pleasant thing when your customers go out of their way to explain new ways to use your products that make it even more saleable and thus more valuable than ever before! That is exactly what happened to us here at a few days ago when one of our regular clients called to tell us they had found a cool new use for our LED scrolling badges.

This customer is a contract sales group for a major phone company selling Cable TV, Internet services and phone and he was having difficulty having his representatives verify they were actually authorized representatives of the phone company. Needless to say if someone called the phone company office and gave the reps name, they had no idea who the rep was or even what contractor he was with or if he had been sent to the person's house.

So my enterprising client turned our scrolling badges, which he had bought for his reps in his retail store, into actual scrolling ID badges for his reps calling on people in their homes! He put the scrolling badge just above the rep's photo ID badge with a message saying “Hi, I'm Mark with ABC Phone at 5554345 Badge #5656." Then when a customer of his wanted to check on this rep, he called the local number and the rep was quickly identified!

Then he figured out that by even putting this information on his own website, when the person whose home they are contacting wants to verify the rep was sent to his home all he has to do is type in the rep ID Badge number and a picture of the badge the person is looking at on the rep comes up on the screen. Now they can be verified even on a cell phone and even when the phone company and contractor's office is closed. So what used to be only a cool scrolling message badges, and a bright scrolling LED badge is now also a creative new scrolling ID badge, all in one!

Whether you like our cool scrolling message badges, our bright scrolling LED badges or our versatile new scrolling ID badge, you really can't go wrong at

Call us today and develop your creative new use for our latest incarnation of the scrolling badge, the scrolling ID badge.

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