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I am a trained professional in the State of Vermont and have been for several years. I am very fortunate to be employed in the south central region of Vermont that is well-known for its natural beauty, maple products, granite monuments, and ski resorts.

Year after year I have heard of families returning to their homes to discover they have been burglarized. I often wondered how this could continually happen to hard working people that are fortunate enough to take periodic vacations and/or own second homes.

Since being employed in such a region known for its rich history, beauty, and hospitality I have learned crime is high in areas that are beautifully protected by rolling hills, river valley’s, and breathe taking views. Burglaries flourish here due to an overflow of tourists seeking the incredible adventures and views provided by the four seasons of the northeast.

Most burglars do not invade occupied residences therefore second homes and homes left unattended for long periods of time are great targets. Homes set back from the road, secluded, and concealed by architectural designs are the most vulnerable. And although some home owners have installed home security systems they are no match for professional thieves who possess the necessary skills to disarm them.

Unless you spend a substantial amount of money to protect your phone line from being cut or have someone responding to your home daily, you have no guarantee your home and property will be safe. That’s why hiring trained professionals will help assist in the protection of your property and valuables.

In recent years I have witnessed an increase of homes being burglarized, friends and families victimized, and a shortage of Police Officers employed in the State of Vermont. Therefore, I have decided to start a company that is much needed and deserved for people who reside in Vermont and for others who choose to make Vermont a part of their lives.